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The White Challenge is now closed for submissions. You may cast your vote in the poll behind the cut. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

The winning shoe from last week's Red Challenge is the Dr. Martens Marlena Mary Jane.

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One last white shoe: Altuzarra Buckle Ankle Strap. $1405.00

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Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day for the white challenge!

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I have a weakness for lace ups so here's a selection in white:

Jill Sander Mesh Lace Up.

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Kerrie Luft is a 27 year old British shoe designer who is getting a lot of attention these days. She recently won the Fashion Fringe Accessories prize and is now off to design shoes for Roger Vivier. I love the art nouveau influence in the collection shown on her website.

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FRYE women's erin chukka boot
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When I saw the colour theme for this week was white I really didn't think I had any shoes I could post in my shoe folder, but I was pleasantly surprised! So here's a few :D

Trashy Lingerie: Lolita 601-Vanity Shoes
So cute!

Two more Pairs )
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I'm not saying I would wear these...

Jeffrey Campbell Ivory Suede Skate Bootie

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Just in time for summer, at least in the northern hemisphere...

(Off-white shades accepted too!)

How it works:

-Anyone can participate!
-We post shoe photos in a given colour for one week and then vote for our favourite pair.
-You can make multiple posts if you feel so inclined.
-The final week will be devoted to multi-colour or patterned shoes, so if you aren't sure what the dominant colour is, you can always wait and post your pair that week.
-Colours we have covered so far are: purple, blue, green, and red.

P.S. Voting on the red challenge is still open. If you haven't cast your vote yet, you can do so here.

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