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Mexicana Cowboy Boot with floral embroidery.

Prettiest cowboy boot I've ever seen. £430, Ouch!
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I would not wear this first pair, but they caught my attention!

Yves Saint Laurent "Palais Passementerie" Bootie

Valentino Jelly Lace Print Thong  )

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Because I want to make the voting really hard.

Gianni Barbato open toed pump

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Hand Made shoe by Lloraine Neithardt

You can read more about the shoemaker here. She claims other talents as well ;)
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Yellow Shoes are my favourite. I own a pair of these; unfortunately, they don't really go with anything.

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Watch me slide one final orange pair in before closing the challenge...

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The Samurai Platform Sandal by Alexander McQueen.

Because I can't resist, I'm going to quote from the catalog copy:

Instead of choosing a shoe to suit your dress, why not let your shoes inspire you and build your outfits around them? Meet the Samurai sandal by Alexander McQueen—we think it puts the war in wardrobe.

Intricate cutout leather—supported with thin horizontal bands—evoke a private world hidden behind blinds.

Click here to get a close up view of the gold landscape on sole and heel.

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Alexis Mabille and the essence of pink. Blossom Pink:

more pink below )
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dr. martens women's marlena mary jane pump
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Just bought these this weekend, love them.

The blue challenge is impossible to pick a winner out of. Only 8 peope voted this time around (what happened guys?) and none of them/you voted on the same pair. So this poll is as is.

Hope to see more random shoe posts from you this week guys :D
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I'm curled up on my couch ignoring the ice and snow covering my windows due to the heavy wind outside, listening to Times of Grace ( ) and enjoying my Thursday evening. Friday soon yay!

No more votes since I left work though, so it's definitely a draw. Congrats to [personal profile] dhampir984 for posting both of the most popular green ones \0/

The Funtasma Dainty

and Furge93 Military Inspired Knee High Boots

Now, I've yet to decide for next week's challenge. I'll post tomorrow about it :D
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Thought I'd try and get the week started!


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So happy to see so much posting \0/

I hate being a nag though, but remember out of the 3 rules we have: Maximum imagesize above a cut: 300-400px (not over 400px!). It's easily fixed by adding a width="400px" to your code to posting an image. I always use this when I post images:

(unless you guys wanna change the size? This was what was decided in the poll back when.)

/modhat off

Irregular Choice: Princess Peacock

This is basically a YAY post though, now I gotta run back to work (hellacious day) but so happy to see you posting away :DDD

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