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I'm curled up on my couch ignoring the ice and snow covering my windows due to the heavy wind outside, listening to Times of Grace ( http://youtu.be/VW6GtKeRo00 ) and enjoying my Thursday evening. Friday soon yay!

No more votes since I left work though, so it's definitely a draw. Congrats to [personal profile] dhampir984 for posting both of the most popular green ones \0/

The Funtasma Dainty

and Furge93 Military Inspired Knee High Boots

Now, I've yet to decide for next week's challenge. I'll post tomorrow about it :D
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Hi everybody! So that's challenge #2 over and anothe rlovely set of shoes. 11 pairs this time \0/

Now, while voting will go on this week there's open house to post any kind of shoes of awesomeness you want to share. Another challenge will start up next week. Anyone got a color you've been wishing for already?

Poll #5856 Best green shoe of the green challenge
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 17
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So, as usual work tends to pile up on me (not my fault I swear), bro had a birthday & since I totally have plans to go away for the weekend my week got a wee bit messy. Therefore this will be one big post of green shoes. Pardon the mess.

Swedish Hasbeens: High Heeled Jodphur

5 more underneath cut )

have a great weekend and see you in teh voting post Monday \0/
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pour la victoire women's edie wedge pump
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Because winter is throttling the US today, I wanted something to think about that was more summery. So, you get Ecco Womens Apple Green Sandals.

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Some Alexander McQueens for that punch.

Though, I wish I had found a slightly better angle.
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ed hardy men's laver fashion sneaker
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Psychobilly "Bordello"

Hot, but I doubt I could wear them for very long....
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Thought I'd try and get the week started!


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