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The Multi-Colour Challenge is now closed for submissions. Thank you to all our contributers! Voting is open.

The winners of the Gray/Grey Challenge were the Mexicana Cowboy Boot in the category of most want to wear/own, and the Yves Saint Laurent "Palais Passementerie" for general awesomeness.

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That brings us to the end of our Colour Challenges. Members are invited to post any shoes that strike their fancy between now and the end of July. I will have a new round of challenges ready to go in August.
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Because I always have to add another lace-up:

Fratelli Rosetti

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Reminder: Tomorrow is the last full day for this challenge. I'll close it and post the poll on Saturday morning.

S&L Multi-colour heels:
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Multi-coloured Pier Sandals by Cynthia Rowley for Roxy.
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This is just pretty; it almost makes me want to wear a dress :)

Kenzo open toe slip on

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I've been waiting ever since the Colour Challenges began for my chance to post Kron Krons! I've tried really hard to be selective about which ones to share, but it was almost impossible to narrow it down! All the designs are amazing.

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I hope this photo is big enough to let you see the design on the shoe is beaded.

Trussardi 1922 ballerina

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