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Thank you to everybody who participated! We're going to try the poll with two categories this week...

17 thumbnails and the poll )

ETA: Sorry the thumbnail of the St Looi's got a bit chewed up by photobucket (I'm staying with friends in Wales right now and am making do on a borrowed computer). I'll probably be slow commenting and replying to comments until about Wednesday.
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Lacey Days Bootie by a company with the unfortunate name of Iron Fist.

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Pink Leather with Gold Sheen Lace Ups by St Looi Blues

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ralph lauren collection women's umika crochet espadrille
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Alexis Mabille and the essence of pink. Blossom Pink:

more pink below )
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women's bass odette saddle oxfords
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Adidas: Jeremy Scott JS Wings ballerina shoes.

(for the pink challenge. um. obviously. :) )
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How it works:

-Anyone can participate!
-We post shoe photos in a given colour for one week and then vote for our favourite pair.
-Voting remains open for one week after the challenge closes for submissions.
-You can make multiple posts if you feel so inclined.
-The final week will be devoted to multi-colour or patterned shoes, so if you aren't sure what the dominant colour is, you can always wait and post your pair that week.
-Colours we have covered so far are: purple, blue, green, red, and white.

Have fun!

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