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I suppose if I had these I would be able to reach the top shelves in the kitchen...

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Not the same Tove Jansson who wrote the Moomin books.

According to the internet these chain shoes won the first prize in a design competition at the Nordic Shoe and Bag Fair in Stockholm.

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3 Car shoes! The first one is from 1965, Katherina Denzinger for Herbert Levine

Shoe #2 )

Shoe #3 )
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More fish! This shoe was designed by Andre Perugia, circa 1931. I'd never heard of him, but apparently he was a well known shoe designer in his time, (20's through 60's), there are pictures of several other of his shoes online, and they're beautiful. A short bio and link to a a few more shoes here. I would totally wear any of them, including this one.

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I see [personal profile] elmey's mouse shoe and raise it by a spider...

I have no idea who makes these - I suspect it might be a photoshop creation.
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Melissa Numa + Love Fox--I have no idea how those names go together, but I think this must be another one of the shoes made for the Brazilian eco shoe company Melissa.
I'd wear this one :)

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from Kobi Levi

I kind of wish they came with a gaggle of tiny little animals running up the ladder and sliding down and out the peep toe but you take what you can get...
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ripley, 5 inch peep toe steampunk pump in pewter
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I've worked out the results from our poll by assigning two points for every first choice vote and one point for every second choice vote. The resulting order is...

Fandom Shoes
Show Your Shoes
Steampunk Shoes
Space Shoes

...after that we will move into a series of challenges based to type of shoe (boots, trainers, flats, etc.)

So without further ado...

Shoes designed by people who were clearly on crack!

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