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dr. martens women's phina boot
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dr. martens women's marlena mary jane pump
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Which, in fairness, is pretty fucking fabulous. I can't be the only guy who reads this community, right?
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Happy Monday people :) Here's a colorful Docs post.

5026 Mary Jane Hot Pink Koram Flash
5026 Mary Jane Hot Pink Koram Flash

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So it takes me a little while to get into the groove of everyday posting you guys.

(I just came back from teh local shoesale - and I tried on these Dr. Martens Jenna High Leg Boot but UK 7 is not my EUR 41, they're SMALLER than that. Fuck. And they were on 50%!! UNFAIR!)

But back to other awesome shoes )
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Sorry guys, but the holidays are rather busy and therefore this post will be the last one for a few days. If you have any special wishes, themes or other requests for when i start posting again - please let me know in the comments. Happy Holidays!!

I gathered up a lot of my favourite shoes and here are some of them (so hard to not add even more pictures to this post!!)

a LOT more underneath the cut )
Miss Sixty: Felicia

Miss Sixty: Felicia
Chie Mihara: Kaira

Chie Mihara: Kaira
Killah: Alba

Killah: Alba
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It's soon winter and there was sleet yesterday and icky peasoup fog today, and yet because I got an e-mail I'm missing my motorcycle something crazy. So, here we have biker chic for today.

(ETA: added the brandname to the shoes in question, sorry for spacing out on that)

Rocket Dog Chomps
Rocket Dog Chomps

one pair of Doc Martens beneath )
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Here are mine:

Click on the thumbs to see the entry for each pair. Poupee won't let me have a link to all the shoes on one page so we have to put up with the weird Japanese categorisation system.

I tagged for all the brands, I hope that's OK. I made the tag "everybody bz moda" because "everybody alife" is a different shoe brand that I do not own.

If you like the pictures, I don't care if you use them for icons (you probably won't, I suck at photography) but obviously please don't post them to poupee or polyvore as your shoes. :)

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