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Of course, this is me so the poll results are posted when the week is pretty much over and done with. I'll get better at it, I just have a week with migraines AND tensionheadache, one getting the other started so. Onto more fun things. The result out of 13 voters!


Irregular Choice: Princess Peacock

3 shoes sharing 2nd place )

Next week's challenge will be green. Get ready to gather your favourite green shoes \0/
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Been at work since 7am, had a class of 16 year old boys, did paperwork and then a busy 3 hrs deskshift. It's just after 3pm and can. not. brain. any. more. But hey, at least it's FRIDAY \0/

Puma: 4M Mix

Hope anyone will post this weekend? <3
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Gabriella Rocha 'Neve' flats.

Found a 'true' flat, which for me, is an accomplishment.

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Thanks for the altering of pic width guys, I haven't had time to check all comments but it seems to be ok? Work stole me extra yesterday for after work dinner and today I've got a 12hrs day as well...

I'mma just leave you guys with this and hope everyone's enjoying themselves :)

Wonders: Dakar S Viola
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stuart weitzman women's fausto oxford
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I felt like finding something a little smaller than a boot or a big heeled shoe. And still in purple. So here is the Office JA LIKE IT PURPLE SUEDE:

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So happy to see so much posting \0/

I hate being a nag though, but remember out of the 3 rules we have: Maximum imagesize above a cut: 300-400px (not over 400px!). It's easily fixed by adding a width="400px" to your code to posting an image. I always use this when I post images:

(unless you guys wanna change the size? This was what was decided in the poll back when.)

/modhat off

Irregular Choice: Princess Peacock

This is basically a YAY post though, now I gotta run back to work (hellacious day) but so happy to see you posting away :DDD
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john fluevog women's barkerville pump
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Which, in fairness, is pretty fucking fabulous. I can't be the only guy who reads this community, right?
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I'm afraid when I join in you're going to find me a total one-trick pony because I adore Irregular Choice and their wacky shoes:

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Here's another entry for today. These have a great mix of playful and sex appeal.

Purple Velvet Strappy Buckle Knee High Heel Boots from Amiclubwear.

Read more... )
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Sergio Rossi pumps from 2009 (Purple was incredibly big for Fall then!)
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They're more lilac than purple, but I dig it. Someday I will own a pair of Fluevogs.

They're also available in a dapper black and white pinstripe. See here.
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My purple addition for the day, what's yours?

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Here's my entry: Office THATS LIFE AUBERGINE SATIN

now with working tags!
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So, weekly challenge, and we're staring with purple. Post away guys! (tag is !challenge: purple)

Yves Saint Laurent; Tribute patent-leather sandals

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