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michael antonio women's cane ankle boot

EDIT: switched to chrome, so it works now
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I would not wear this first pair, but they caught my attention!

Yves Saint Laurent "Palais Passementerie" Bootie

Valentino Jelly Lace Print Thong  )

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And I happen to like flat ones.

Costume National boots

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I thought I'd start the Metallics off with something BIG:)

Fauzian Jeunesse' boots

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Back-Laced boots from Ann Demeulemeester (ha ha, spell check doesn't like that name!)

another view )
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Chloe: Terry. Fold over ankle boot.

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dr. martens women's phina boot
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Lacey Days Bootie by a company with the unfortunate name of Iron Fist.

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FRYE women's erin chukka boot
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So, how's your week going? Finding any new shoes to share amongst all the spring collections?

Gorgeus Airstep shoes. I want.
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be sure to keep your feet warm. I usually brag about the brand Legero because I love the way they actually do keep my feet warm. But I've another pair by Merrell that are more ancle boot like that I love, but unusable when you have to wade through snow.

Here they have a brilliant kneehigh boot though.

Merrell: Prevoz
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Lovely heels

Fornarina: Lull

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Tamaris: 1/1-22456-35

Heeled boots
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Friis & Company: Phillipine

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Marina Ferranti: 3639

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Chinese Laundry: Gisenn

Cross between cute and funny
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Mini For Many: Boot Clown Faux

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RAS: 73403G

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Apparently I found a LOT of blue shoes I wanna share with you, so there'll be double posts the remaining days of this week.

Chinese Laundry: Backst

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Sixtyseven: 13580
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Hey guys, see you're posting already - awesome \0/ And you can never post too many shoes, have fun with it :D

Anna Sui: 920014
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Hard Hearted Harlot: Florence File
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One of my coworkers today has a definite brown theme: brown skirt, brown tights and a set of nice brown suede boot. It somehow works out in the end. But it got me inspired to look for a set similar to hers. So I present:

YVES SAINT LAURENT Suede boot – Brown

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