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I have a weakness for lace ups so here's a selection in white:

Jill Sander Mesh Lace Up.

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Cruising MTVStyle of all things today. Tons of pics. Here's a few:

Rachel Bilson in Burberry Prorsum. They look hot and ready to stomp all over someone, all while in style.

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So, Sweden had absolutely insane weather past day so this morning for the first time I can ever remember in my area - ALL buses but the one bigger road line were cancelled due to snowdrifts. Except we don't have snowdays off work/school though = luckily I've a brother who works for a transfer company and their deliveries had to go out so I managed to catch a lift into town.

Not counting climbing out a window to even get outside my house or stumbling around in kneehigh deep snow to get to the main road to meet up my bro. I really kinda want summer now.

Miu Miu pink snakeskins are summer pretty though.

But weather winging aside, I thought the colour blue fit the ice of winter for our next color challenge. Post your blue shoes, starting on Monday. Feel free to post whatever during the weekend :)
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Now onto regular buisness. More stupidly expensive designer high heels in where I want lots of them \0/

Sigerson Morrison plateau suede sandals
Sigerson Morrison plateau suede sandals

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Was in the mood to make another post of a lot of colors, so today we end up with overly expensive designer heels. Still, I can't help but wish I had the 430EURO to buy me a pair of Camilla Skovgaard. Perhaps not in this color though, but I love that sole paired with a slinky high heeled shoe.
Camilla Skovgaard Saw Plateau leather pumps
Camilla Skovgaard Saw Plateau leather pumps

the purple pair of Alexander McQueen though, I want them just as much )

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