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Melissa Numa + Love Fox--I have no idea how those names go together, but I think this must be another one of the shoes made for the Brazilian eco shoe company Melissa.
I'd wear this one :)

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In the catalog description, these are classified as moccasins. Just sayin'.

The top view is more interesting, and the side view is under the cut.

Elisanero, moccasins

side view )

Why yes, I do have a lot of metallics ;)
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stuart weitzman women's handbasket ballet flat
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Lovely heels

Fornarina: Lull

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Tamaris: 1/1-22456-35

Heeled boots
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Friis & Company: Phillipine

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Marina Ferranti: 3639

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Chinese Laundry: Gisenn

Cross between cute and funny
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Mini For Many: Boot Clown Faux

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RAS: 73403G

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handmade women shoes for party and causal wear, indian traditional smart look
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So, it's now 17 voters and a draw on the green challenge. I'll post the results later as I'm getting off work early today (4.30pm and I've been here since just past 7am) \0/

But I just saw these on a sale e-mail and had to post them

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15 votes for now in the green challenge and very close between winner and second place, we'll see tomorrow as I'll post a sum up.

For now though,

Jil Sander, Two-tone leather brogues
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Gabriella Rocha 'Neve' flats.

Found a 'true' flat, which for me, is an accomplishment.

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I'm not sure what you call this style in where they are almost like a full shoe, except they have open toe? These are cut open a little bit more like sandals, but I feel like they exist somewhere in the middle of those styles...
Friis & Company: Nada
Friis & Company: Nada

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I woke up with a cold - whatetheverflyingfuck - again. I mean ... hello, again?! So I'm drinking tea and taking extra vitamins and trying not to crawl back home into bed than stay at work. (sore throat and icky head but no cough yet)

So, to make this day better I found a new shoebrand. Well, for me it's totally new. Café Noir, Italian shoes and beware their website plays a shitload of music when loading (my poor ears) http://cafenoir.it

Cafe Noir: CE130
Cafe Noir: CE130

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Hi, I'm the Saturday shoe bringer.

So let's bring it on.

The Hadley; Hellz Bellz x Vans Collaboration

and the flats )

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