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Thank you to everyone who submitted photos! I'm not sure how relevant the actual voting is, but I like having a post where we can see all the shoes together as thumbnails...

The Contenders )
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REMINDER: Today is the last day of the Red Challenge. I'll post our new colour when I get home from work tonight, so get your final red shoe photos in sooner rather than later. Thanks!

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Aris Allen red closed back wedge. Shoes made for swing dancing, an exact copy of a 1940's style.

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Supra NS strapped. In Red.

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stuart weitzman women's handbasket ballet flat
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I could only find a tiny photo...

Designed by Sue Engles and made to order at Zasu.
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dr. martens women's marlena mary jane pump
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I don't know about anyone else, but Red Shoes for me means:

Iron Fist Ruby Slippers

...There's no place like home? XD
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The Christian Louboutin Decollete 868 100mm

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I was enjoying the colour challenge, so without further ado...The Colour Challenge Returns!

Starting today we have one week to post all the most exciting photos of red shoes that we can find! Let's make our red collection a good one!

A few reminders about the challenge:

-Anyone can participate!
-We post shoe photos in a given colour for one week and then vote for our favourite pair.
-The final week will be devoted to multi-colour/patterned shoes, so if you aren't sure what the dominant colour is, you can always save it for that week.
-Colours we have covered so far are: purple, blue, and green.

Thanks to everybody for their participation!

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