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Hi everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend :) Mine was very productive in house cleaning (boooring but must be done), and finally wiring together and putting up the old fixture for my downstairs .. vestibule (farstu in Swedish). The fixture came with the house but as I've had to redraw all the electricity in the entire house - the lamp needed a new .. jack?/electrical contact as well.

Now onto a very productive challenge - lots to vote for. Now, while voting will go on this week there's open house to post any kind of shoes of awesomeness you want to share. And i'm thinking a challenge break for next week as well. Post anything you want! Maybe someone's got spring somewhere? It's snowing since Sunday evening here and Saturday was -27C / -17F so .. no spring in sight for me :(

Pick a favourite, starting from 1st post of the challenge. Answers are anonymized

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Lovely heels

Fornarina: Lull

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Tamaris: 1/1-22456-35

Heeled boots
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Friis & Company: Phillipine

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Marina Ferranti: 3639

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Chinese Laundry: Gisenn

Cross between cute and funny
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Mini For Many: Boot Clown Faux

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RAS: 73403G

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ed hardy men's lr benoit sneaker
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handmade women shoes for party and causal wear, indian traditional smart look
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Apparently I found a LOT of blue shoes I wanna share with you, so there'll be double posts the remaining days of this week.

Chinese Laundry: Backst

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Sixtyseven: 13580
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Carlos by Carlos Santana. I just liked their color.

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(I have this thing about rainbows and rainbow-like colours XD)

Irregular Choice Poetic Licence Butterfly Love
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Hey guys, see you're posting already - awesome \0/ And you can never post too many shoes, have fun with it :D

Anna Sui: 920014
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Hard Hearted Harlot: Florence File
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After not posting anything for the green challenge, I hope to post a few faves this week - I thought one a day might be overdoing it though ;)

Irregular Choice Future Ladybug
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Hope everyone's having a fab Sunday and are getting ready to post some blue shows on Monday :DD

Skechers, Peace & Love

Aaaand, I gotta share this, for anyone who's heard Gaga's new Born this way?
I <3 Cheeks. And Madonna obvs.
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So, Sweden had absolutely insane weather past day so this morning for the first time I can ever remember in my area - ALL buses but the one bigger road line were cancelled due to snowdrifts. Except we don't have snowdays off work/school though = luckily I've a brother who works for a transfer company and their deliveries had to go out so I managed to catch a lift into town.

Not counting climbing out a window to even get outside my house or stumbling around in kneehigh deep snow to get to the main road to meet up my bro. I really kinda want summer now.

Miu Miu pink snakeskins are summer pretty though.

But weather winging aside, I thought the colour blue fit the ice of winter for our next color challenge. Post your blue shoes, starting on Monday. Feel free to post whatever during the weekend :)

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