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Completely random bag of shoes today; heels, sandals, ballet flats, converse, boots and a couple of Irregular Choice which is a thing by itself.

Sorry I skipped on you last Friday and then Monday. I was away watching Rammstein play live :D.

Okay, my Photobucket hates me today. Why so slow dammit... (Hope this doesn't affect the post and loading the images)
Schuh Bambi Flower T-bar Flats
Schuh Bambi Flower T-bar Flats

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I wanted something colorful for my Monday.

Reebok: CL Liretto
Reebok: CL Liretto

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So I don't usually post sneakers so I figured I'd spam you guys with it, today and tomorrow :) (Happy to see yesterday's shoes were a hit, I love them too.) Today's pick are colorful and feel a bit like springtime (even though we still have -10C in the mornings)

Diesel: Yuk&Net Yuk W
Diesel: Yuk&Net Yuk W

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These are fun.  Apparently, they aren't actually in production but are instead a museum piece.  However, they are fun!

More fun shoes can be found here.

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Here are mine:


Click on the thumbs to see the entry for each pair. Poupee won't let me have a link to all the shoes on one page so we have to put up with the weird Japanese categorisation system.

I tagged for all the brands, I hope that's OK. I made the tag "everybody bz moda" because "everybody alife" is a different shoe brand that I do not own.

If you like the pictures, I don't care if you use them for icons (you probably won't, I suck at photography) but obviously please don't post them to poupee or polyvore as your shoes. :)

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