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How was everyone's weekend? Good I hope :) Personally I catch myself humming on Adam Lambert's latest version of Whataya Want From Me from Aussie tv last night which I take as a good mood sign LoL At least compared to my usual mental playlist ;)

El Naturalista: NW452
El Naturalista: NW452

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Sorry guys, but the holidays are rather busy and therefore this post will be the last one for a few days. If you have any special wishes, themes or other requests for when i start posting again - please let me know in the comments. Happy Holidays!!

I gathered up a lot of my favourite shoes and here are some of them (so hard to not add even more pictures to this post!!)

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Miss Sixty: Felicia

Miss Sixty: Felicia
Chie Mihara: Kaira

Chie Mihara: Kaira
Killah: Alba

Killah: Alba
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El Naturalista: NW106 . Groundhog: Molly
El Naturalista: NW106 - and - Groundhog: Molly
Both of these are apparently Eco-Friendly and re-use materials and less chemical dyes and whatnot. I just found they looked different and kinda cool. I definitely like the soles on the shoes.

Also, since I worked on the house this weekend and forgot about internets - beneath the cut are 3 lovely pairs of rubberboots. Perfect for now since, at least here, it's foggy (like peasoup) and wet leaves and raining.
plus 3 pairs of rubber boots/wellies underneath )
[from http://brandos.se]

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