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Apparently I found a LOT of blue shoes I wanna share with you, so there'll be double posts the remaining days of this week.

Chinese Laundry: Backst

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So, as usual work tends to pile up on me (not my fault I swear), bro had a birthday & since I totally have plans to go away for the weekend my week got a wee bit messy. Therefore this will be one big post of green shoes. Pardon the mess.

Swedish Hasbeens: High Heeled Jodphur

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have a great weekend and see you in teh voting post Monday \0/
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Sorry for the absence, 2010 ended up being quite the busy year for me. So here's to 2011 and as always - come join in and post your own shoes pics. I'm going to start out with posting just one pair of shoes per day, that might change. Comments and requests and ideas - always welcome :) Hope you all had a good 2010 :)

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Had a long weekend of staying offline and just hanging outside in the still new summer weather and just... existing. Quite awesome really.

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Sixtyseven: 11733

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