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This is my first time participating, so yay!

Calvin Klein "Oliva"

Giuseppe Zanotti I16022 )

Paris Hilton  )

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Anyone seen ugly shoes you want to share? Post them in the comments - let's all have a laugh :D

Jimmy Choo Loop patent leather sandals

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Of course everyone's idea of ugly varies - this is my contribution. What do you guys think?
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So I figured that since it's Friday I wanted something pretty to look at so here are today's picture. And POLL, don't forget the poll!

Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted leather platform boots (these images are width 230px btw)

Poll #1628 Size and amount of pictures
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

Size=width of the pictures in daily shoes!post

View Answers

I like them fairly big, maximum 500px
2 (22.2%)

Mediumsized, 400px
4 (44.4%)

Smallish pictures please, 300px
3 (33.3%)

I hate big pictures, maximum 250px
1 (11.1%)

How many pictures in one daily shoes!post

View Answers

One, only!
2 (22.2%)

Maybe two, no more!
3 (33.3%)

Three's okay.
3 (33.3%)

If they're thumbsized I can stand several
4 (44.4%)

if they're thumbsized - maximum 3.
0 (0.0%)

If several pictures, how many outside a cut

View Answers

1 image only
5 (55.6%)

2 images if medium sized
2 (22.2%)

This is an image community, don't use the cut
2 (22.2%)

Other opinions, I'll tell you in comments
0 (0.0%)

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