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jest: (shoes yellow 2)
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To get this community rolling again, I'm going to post a pair every day in May starting with these green Hush Puppies. If they are still in the shops when I go over to Scotland in July, I'm buying myself a pair.

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Up until now, I believe the only place to get Krons was Iceland.
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I'm without regular internet at the moment, so I'm linking instead of working up my own post...

Shoes from a Lost Episode of Star Trek
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Happy New Year All!

Did anyone else come out of the holiday season with new shoes? I bought a pair during the clearance event at John Lewis. While they aren't the highest narrowest heel ever, they are the highest and narrowest that I've ever owned...

I'm starting a desk job in two weeks time, so if nothing else I can wear them for sitting down. *g*
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Until I have time find pictures for my fandom shoes post, here's something from Life that is kind of apropos:

Shoes of the Very Famous
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I feel like this challenge could also make a fun guessing game in terms of the canon source.

Hint: They were Clyde Livingston's Shoes... )
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marty's 2015 shoes from back to the future pt. 2
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This challenge should have been up ages ago, but I was planning a really beautiful banner that would have required me to screencap and it just wasn't getting done. Today I decided that getting on with it is probably more important than my sense of aesthetics, so here we are and let the Fandom Shoe challenge begin immediately.

The timing of this challenge is going to be a little different, mostly to allow participants lots of time for any necessary screencaping. This challenge will run right up until the end of the year; however, for those who aren't interested in Fandom Shoes, I intend to run a mini-challenge concurrently. The first week of December will be Winter Boots week (our Southern hemisphere members are invited to gloat with posts of Summer footwear), which should add a bit of variety to the community.

A reminder of how our challenges work:

-Anyone can participate!
-We post shoe photos in a given theme for a period of time and then vote for our favourite pair.
-You can make multiple posts if you feel so inclined.
- We vote at the end in two categories: the pair we would most like to own/wear, and general awesomeness.
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An animated shoe gif, from photographer Jamie Beck:

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The Crack!Shoes challenge is now closed for submissions. Thank you to everybody who contributed!

The poll has two categories, one for crack quality and one for wanting to have/own. I've left the options as numbers on the poll because quite a few of the submissions lacked details on who they were designed by.

20 thumbnails and the poll )

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