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So, as per usual work is a nightmare. I was there before 8am and came home at 8pm. 70% of that day was spoent in meetings. Anyone else thinks of meetings as a total braindrain? I get so tired after days like that.

So, alas as I haven't had any spare time with my coffee this morning in my office the post is way late today. Again. But instead I totally spoilt myself by looking at pretty expensive shoes. Let me share them with you \0/

Alaia Chain-link leather sandals
Alaïa Chain-link leather sandals

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Thomas Wylde zoom of the skull shoes
Thomas Wylde zoom of the skull shoes
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. 2
Christian Louboutin Supra Fifre 120 thigh-high boots

I picked these because a) I'm a sucker for the combined red and black as you've seen before and b) the lacing. I don't find them very useful and it's not like I'd ever find a moment in RL to ever wear them appropriately. And mostsome thigh highs aren't all that easy to wear without looking ... cheap. But they're so very hot!

under cut is: one pair knee-high with snakes on and one futuristic pair of thigh-highs )

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