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Hope everyone's having a fab Sunday and are getting ready to post some blue shows on Monday :DD

Skechers, Peace & Love

Aaaand, I gotta share this, for anyone who's heard Gaga's new Born this way?
I <3 Cheeks. And Madonna obvs.
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So work just ate my week up last week, and the cold teh one before that, so here's to getting into the groove of daily posting again. Comfy shoes for today. Also since it's the first day of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw we have a new tag added for the upcoming 3 weeks. (someone prepared to post during the weekend? I'll have BFF over and plan to make her paint with me so I can have the sunroom finished in time for summer = busytimes)

Skechers: 21840
Skechers: 21840

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recient lurker & now just joined the community.
i'm a woman who's not into shoes (i'll give you a moment to pick yourselves up off the floor) but i got it into my head a while back to get this style of shoe.

skechers step-up i finally got them in september from shoe carnival for nearly half what they were elsewhere. they're casual, but could be used for more dressy occasions IMHO.

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