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Just bought these this weekend, love them.

The blue challenge is impossible to pick a winner out of. Only 8 peope voted this time around (what happened guys?) and none of them/you voted on the same pair. So this poll is as is.

Hope to see more random shoe posts from you this week guys :D
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My purple addition for the day, what's yours?

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It's always easier for me to sneak in a shoes update at work than remember to make time for it during my weekends, so as tradition in this comm I'll rarely be posting weekends. If anyone else wants to take it on themselves to update weekends - yes please :)

But, as I spent yesterday shoveling snow off the roof of my house in -17 ºC = 1.4 ºF weather and a few hours out walking today to try and get rid of my sore back I wanted to point to this gorgeous brand that keeps my feet happy. Suede, Gore-tex, non-slippery sole and toasty warm.


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This is me today - grumpy. There's snow, that hasn't stopped since yesterday and I had to kick aside snow to even close the door this morning because it was just falling inside as i opened the door. There's work and too much of it. And I'm tired of being at work 7.15am every morning.

So, figured I (we?) could use some colors and fun today. Here's brand new shoes from Art! (I desperately want the green ones if my toes like the peep-toe)
Art: 744
Art: 744

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I saw satellite pics of UK everywhere on my flist before I went to bed last night, and since we had -28C this morning i figured I'd skip the heels I and go with a winter theme. Heh.

Art: 0673
Art: 0673

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Okay, so it's cold and foggy and icky today so I figured we could use something to warm our feet for today.

(Swedish brand) Vagabond: Colina

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All shoes beside the last is from http://www.brandos.se

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