Flash finale reaction

May 25th, 2017 07:12 pm
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That was not good, although I did appreciate that they (slight spoiler) subverted tropes re. who died.

Relatedly, I have no Flash CW icons. Anyone have links to some?

A trio of fic memes

May 24th, 2017 07:21 pm
el_staplador: Kif says, 'I'm creating!' (creating)
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List the first five (or so) lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether. WIPs count). See if there are any patterns.

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Well, where there's a style to pastiche, I do my damnedest to pastiche it. And I seem to be very keen on jumping into the middle of the action, where the stakes of that action are not very high, and then backtracking a little to show where we are and what's going on, and then plunging into the real meat of the story.


Share the final line of five of your fics — your favorites, or the most recent ones.

And the son of Mercédès Herrera thought of all the years that his mother had waited, and suffered, and hoped, and he thought that perhaps it was true, after all.
Only The Good Which We Can Do (The Count of Monte Cristo)

He reached out to take Yuuri's hand, and a sudden shock of sunlight broke through the clouds and turned the sea to gold, too bright to look at.
What Love Is (Yuri!!! on Ice)

And they never found her, you know, alive or dead, and I have often thought that even Faithful Janetta could not keep Maria constant for long, at that.
The Blood of the Hentzaus (Zenda novels)

He rested his elbows on his knees and watched until all traces had vanished, then got to his feet and turned, reluctantly, for home.
Rosemary (Romeo and Juliet)

And off she goes to her lecture, a woman with all the future to enjoy.
Evening Classes (Doctor Who)

So I have a thing for beginning my final sentences with conjunctions, apparently.


If you were to remix one of my stories, 1.) what would it be and 2.) what would you do.

one foot in front of the other

May 23rd, 2017 10:34 am
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I am very much worried about Nero. Right now he's at Dr Ebers' and there's probably going to be bloodwork and x-rays and I am worried about the big lug. I love that cat. He has come so far in such a short time from the cat he had been. He loves having his ears scratched and his head kissed and sleeping between me and his human. (I'm his human's human. That's about how he puts up with me.)

I want him to be okay.

I am currently avoiding all the panic that is percolating in my brain by watching Survival Lilly on YouTube in Austria build herself outdoor shelters. It helps. (She also has an adorable dog that loves to wallow in dirt and leaves.) It's very interesting to see how people in Europe build outdoor shelters versus what you would down here in South Mississippi. There you can use conifer branches and whatnot, but here it's more pine brances and they don't work well or cedar and that's sometimes hard to find where you can reach it.

We had water in the house again since it rained a lot.

Crown List was last weekend. It was held at the State Park near Shreveport - we have James and Joan as Prince and Princess again. I need to go do some research for their names because they don't have registered names or devices. I put up my canopy for the first time and I need to seal the seams on it. Wow do I. I also made a Lemon Bliss Cake and it was fine. Gaius made a deep-fried turkey for his Crown List people and shared with us other Heralds and that and my cake were divine. My Heraldic Boss (Brendan) fell in love with my large thick felt hat. If you wear glasses, a thick felt hat is wonderful because it keeps your glasses from getting spotty in the rain. Brent bought it several years ago at Acadiana or Scharborough Fair.

I should never get a top bunk again. It gets very difficult to get up and down from there.

I got a mole removed yesterday. Dr Rose is pretty sure there isn't anything wrong with it; it was one of those moles that's right at the waistband of your underwear or trousers or skirts and always gets rubbed on so it itches or gets rubbed raw occasionally. (I hate those moles.) So she took it right off then and there. I like lidocaine - yes, it stings at first, but then the lidocaine makes the sting of the lidocaine go away. Win win!

in which I am procrastinating

May 21st, 2017 04:01 pm
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see I am in the middle of cleaning the place which I am doing becasause I don't want to trim my nails, which I should be doing but also I want to be doing because I actually should be learning. This is a very multi-layered procrastination, haha.

so here's some stuff I watched lately:

- Guardians of the Galaxy 2: this wasn't a bad movie, but several times I recognized they were making a joke and it just wasn't funny. That was jarring. I loved all the Nebula parts, the rest was forgettable.

- I caught up with Elementary on Netflix and I still love it so much.

- Started with Riverdale. It's one of these "teenager" dramas. Usually I love the first and maybe the second season and then it gets old. But we're in the first season and I totally dig it. Murder, drugs, incest (sorta), what else could you want! XD I love Cheryl and her makeup. I don't get the het pairings, though. They're weird. Imho it should be Betty and Veronica endgame. Archie is boring and I don't get why we're like 8 eps in and he has already the third or fourth female love interest going on wth.

- A Series of Unfortunate Events: I bingewatched it in two days. Very catchy tune.

Any recommendations for series on Netflix? There is so much stuff it's easy to overlook things.
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Because I still have too much work to do, and posting about my actual life is too overwhelming.

1. How did you name your pets?
We never changed our rescues' names, because ... we actually liked their names, though I've since learned it might be psychologically better to change the names of shelter dogs who were never fostered and just spent all their time in the shelter due to cognitive associations. I didn't know that then! I currently don't have any pets :( but would be naming them after book characters, most likely.

2. Poirot or Miss Marple?
I prefer Poirot. Mom prefers Miss Marple.

3. Do you have a FB account too?
I do, but I wish I didn't. The boundaries of what you can or can't say on Facebook are really strange to me and its hugeness and a whole bunch of other things

4. Books - hardcover or paperback?
Neither. Digital. The answer for the past four or five years has been 'large print,' and I've learned that my Kindle just does that for me. Any standard print books require magnifying glasses so I'd rather stick to eInk for everything. (Backlit reading like on a computer, phone or any non-eInk ereader doesn't really work either.)

5. Mobile phone: Windows/Android or Apple?
This question is wrooooong, so let's rewrite. Who thought Android was Windows? :)

5. Mobile phone: Windows, Android or Apple?
Android. I've had a Samsung Galaxy for the last like ... 5? years? First a S5 and now I have the S7; husband might be getting a J3. My mother has an iPhone 6 though and I like it just fine — I stick to Android in part because of the fact that I've already sunk a ton of money into Android apps. I have Apple computers and an iPad, so you'd think I would have the iPhone for more interoperability but that didn't end up happening.

(no subject)

May 19th, 2017 08:39 am
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This is my busy-work scarf, made during surgery weeks. I wanted to do something in light colored yarn in a pattern easy to memorize. The yarn is a nice bamboo blend from Patons that has been discontinued. I bought a lot of it years ago in several colors, hoping to make a sweater. It's about 6 feet long. I ran out of taupe 2/3 through and finished with white.

bamboo scarf

Pile of Good Things

NSFW May 19th, 2017 10:46 am
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

(no subject)

May 17th, 2017 04:48 pm
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I'm alone and it feels wonderful.

I'm staying at the condo instead of my mother's house, for a few days at least. I went to the doc for a surgery follow-up today ($30+ in Uber fees, round trip). My pupils were dilated, so my sight was even worse on the way back. She said that I'm healing well. I need a prescription for distance sight before we go on the cruise. As expected, she said that it would probably have to be changed in a few weeks, but I really want to be able to see when we leave. Right now, I'm trying to block a quickie scarf I knitted while I couldn't see well -- light colored bamboo yarn in an easily memorized pattern. As much as I love it, I may have to back off on knitting for a bit. I've become more ambitious, but as I've improved, Mom has declined. She can no longer follow a pattern. It's upsetting her greatly -- I began knitting again so that we'd have something in common, but now we no longer do. When she gets home, I'll have to try to find something she can make that she can manage.

. I'd run out of fresh vegetables, except for some lettuce, at the house, but I keep the condo stocked with frozen food I like to eat (fish! broccoli!) plus some tasty things in jars. Tomorrow I'll walk a mile or so from the condo to the bank and then take the bus from there to the local Publix for some veg and fruit. There is a "natural foods" sort of market that's closer, but surprisingly, it has dismal produce and very limited baked goods. And terrible cheese! Bland Publix is better. In the little strip mall I'll also get a haircut first and possibly lunch at the authentic Mexican place, if I can get someone to help me order (all the dishes are listed on an overhead display that I can't read). I'll get Uber back to the house, to stash food and check the mail and put out the trash cans at night.

But I'm alone and it feels wonderful! With any luck, the Mom will stay through the weekend, or maybe even into next week.

say i won't return

May 17th, 2017 01:38 pm
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I discovered something about myself today as I was driving to the OB-GYN (which is why I'm day drinking as well). If you set me on the Interstate and tell me to drive, I will be utterly bored within a mile. Dangerously bored. However, if you put me on a state highway that has changes (hills, turns, twists, etc), I'm happier'n pig in muck. I like to drive when I have to work against the terrain. (Off roading, for me, is glorious.)

here there be medical talk )

beat it like a hammer

May 15th, 2017 09:00 am
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Brent bought me the Alien Quadrilogy on DVD because it was $12 and I'd never seen Alien3 or Alien Resurrection. We were watching and I noted a few things about Ripley in Resurrection and my sweet, lovely, very truthful husband goggled at me.

Husbandthing: 'What do you mean, you'd never do that? YOU DO THAT EVERY DAY.'
Me: 'What?!'
H: 'My lovely wife, you are not and have never been Chaotic Neutral. It's time for you to know the truth. You are Neutral Evil.'
M: 'But I don't follow through on evil!'
H: 'No, that's because you have a Watching Dark.'

He promptly gave me the thesis on it, along with every single bit of documentation. He's such a Laurel's apprentice, ugh. We paused the movie and in the time it took the Blu-Ray player did the auto-shutoff along with the tv and we had to feed the cats. Over an hour. Seriously. Ugh.

And then I proved his point by cooing over the Queen and her offspring. Why does he have to be right. Just, why. >.<

Crown List is this weekend and I am making every dang list I can and then adding to it. It's a cabining unless you make arrangements with the park site, so I have more than usual to pack. I usually just go with sleeping bag, closed-cell foam pad, and one inch self-inflatable (the feeling of a root you didn't find in your hip is miserable, okay?) for sleeping in a tent. In a cabin, I need a little bit more because people keep the cabin frigid. More frigid than camping at BAM in November. Ugh.
I am also bringing a day shade for Heralds! My deputy, Moonestone, Diamond, and anyone else who wants to chill. I might have found a deputy for Moonestone..... :D I like knowing folks and encouraging folks to be HERALDS. Also, I tend to start shenanigans just by my teaching methods. (I know someone who's submitting "Purpure, a unicorn head erased and a bordure argent semy of lozenges azure". I give you three guesses and the first two don't count. MAUAHAHA.

Sometimes you have to get down in the trenches and teach with what you can. If it takes MLP:FiM or Coke labels or A Song of Ice and Fire (oh my gosh the lessons you can teach about contrast with that one), I'll use it.

(no subject)

May 13th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Second operation was Monday. I won't be able to get a new prescription for long-distance vision for a few weeks, but I can read and see the computer screen and my phone texts with only a little blurriness. Good thing, as another job is on the way. I can knit, but not watch TV (eh, not much I'm looking at these days). The dizzy spells are back.

The Mom is frail and a bit wandering. With next to no notice, she decided to go to visit my brother in Virginia, which meant a scramble for tickets, transportation, and airport details. I made a few mistakes getting her through security and to the gate, not being able to see things like signs or monitors or clocks -- but I survived, and so did she. She left without a return ticket booked, as she hasn't decided yet how long she'll stay away. I could not convince her to let my sister and other brother know in advance that she'd be up in their area. No good will come of that, and I'm sure their feelings will be hurt, but after a point I had to stop arguing. She needs to control her own life. Her reasons for doing things are always obscure.

I needed a break, badly, and it's been such a relief to be alone. If I can manage it, I'll try to get out to some different restaurants and even a bar!!! It's been so damn long since I could go to a bar on my own! There's even one within walking distance, supposed to have a good range of beers.  I couldn't really shop for food before she left, but I have a few things I'd like to cook for myself. The driver won't come while she's away, and Uber is too expensive. As it is, I'll have to rely on Uber for a doctor's appointment next Wednesday, unfortunately not near sources of fresh veg. I can go to the condo and spend the night working there without worrying about her at home by herself. I have at least one shawl to block.

I may write, even. Hey, hey!
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In case you missed it, Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood are dating irl. TMZ was spotting them together at airports in January and my reaction was pretty much WELL OBVIOUSLY. Which may be a sign I've been in too many CW fandoms. Dating costars is just part of the routine. As long as no one leaves the show when someone abruptly marries a third party. Yes, Ian Somerhalder, I am looking at you.

Also, this would strongly suggest that Melissa and Chris do in fact have chemistry? Yes, just call me a full-time member of #teampetty.


idek if anyone is still following me on lj only, but just in case, here: I wrote a silly Karamel fic for [community profile] space_swap.

supergirl through 2.20 city of lost children )

arrow through 5.21, honor thy father )

Legends of Tomorrow
legends of tomorrow through 2.17 aruba )

No spoiler tags for The Flash. That twist was bullshit, Caitlin's storyline is bullshit, and the only reason I am still watching is to admire Cisco's pretty hair.


I enjoyed the heck out of S2 of The Catch, it was so slick and fun in the ridiculous way with Gina Torres joining the heist shenanigans as a sexy FBI agent. Margot/Danny? Hot milf-y sudsiness. So of course it's been canceled, and now I'm putting off watching the final episode out of sadness. Pitch was canceled too. I am the curse that's killing your shows, it seems.

I also watched The Get Down, and loved it so much. I usually enjoy Baz Luhrman's creative drug trips, and I enjoy music history especially hip hop history, and all the actors were great. Even Jaden Smith as the spacey one, i.e. basically playing himself. Hilarious, when it wasn't tragic. Would read all the Dizzee/Thor, since the show weirdly wimped out on them a bit. (Though it is weird to use the time machine and read all these headcanons of Shao as gay, since the show went somewhere else with that explanation in the end.) I've got NYC cousins who are the same age as these characters, and I had a really long discussion with someone's boyfriend, who is from the Bronx, about his experience of it. Similar (though mostly less dramatic) stories, right down to the key to winning park battles being having the loudest speakers. (Cousin had probably heard all these stories eleventy times but I thought it was fascinating.)

Nas on writing rhymes for the show

Ice-T's semi-defunct podcast has had great hip hop guests and I really enjoyed this episode where he had a Bronx club-owner talking about the birth of hip hop as he saw it: Episode 43: Disco Fever: Concierge of the Bronx and Birthplace of Hip Hop


Things enjoyed from recent exchange reading:

The Surface is a Strange and Wonderful Place by sixbeforelunch, 5000 words, Star Trek TOS, great first contact gen where the aliens are just as confused as they are, lol.

Good Luck Charms by Nary, Firefly, 1700 words, adorable fic where Zoe meets an annoying pilot with a weird toy collection.

Passenger by Karmageddon, Firefly, 1000 words, sad and sweet post-Serenity Zoe fic.

What It Takes To Survive by magnetgirl, Guardians of the Galaxy, 1200 words, Gamora greatness. No second film spoilers.

The Countess's Aide by lirin, Star Wars Legacy, 2500 words, Luke/Mara go undercover and have ust and it is adorbs.

This month's theme at [community profile] fancake is Action/Adventure I will try to remember to stop by.


Will anybody else be doing [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang or [livejournal.com profile] dcu_bang? Sign-ups open Monday. I need to roughly plan out some Karamel, I think.

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