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[personal profile] jest2012-05-15 08:44 am
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[personal profile] elmey2011-04-27 05:26 pm

Fetish White!

One last white shoe: Altuzarra Buckle Ankle Strap. $1405.00

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Marbel-Carved Peep-toes from Anthropologie

Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day for the white challenge!

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White Lace Ups

I have a weakness for lace ups so here's a selection in white:

Jill Sander Mesh Lace Up.

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Kerrie Luft

Kerrie Luft is a 27 year old British shoe designer who is getting a lot of attention these days. She recently won the Fashion Fringe Accessories prize and is now off to design shoes for Roger Vivier. I love the art nouveau influence in the collection shown on her website.

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white boots

FRYE women's erin chukka boot
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[personal profile] elmey2011-04-22 03:46 pm

Winter White?

I'm not saying I would wear these...

Jeffrey Campbell Ivory Suede Skate Bootie

pakistan shoe

unze slip on khussa
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Don't have any info on these...

April 15th, ETA: Correctly identified as Valentinos by [personal profile] elmey and [personal profile] vlredreign.

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Some cute flats for today

So, it's now 17 voters and a draw on the green challenge. I'll post the results later as I'm getting off work early today (4.30pm and I've been here since just past 7am) \0/

But I just saw these on a sale e-mail and had to post them

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Canvas shoes since we had so many high heels lately

So, does anyone feel like doing a summer theme here and sharing pics of shoes in a summer setting? It doesn't have to be of you wearing the shoes if you don't want, it could be just shoes out on a beach, the grass or wherever. Hanging from palmtree?

If anyone feels up to it, this comm is open for you guys to just post. What do you guys think - Y/N?

Pataugas: Boost/Tennis
Pataugas: Boost/Tennis

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Scrunchy ballerina shoes

Or whatever you call them... But they do kinda look like an 80's scrunchy hairband made into a shoe. What's even better is this brand name Redfoot who makes their shoes so that they can fold up and put in your bag incase you get tired of your high heels at a party. A snazzy bag apparently accompanies each pair when purchased...

Redfoot: Zara
Redfoot: Zara

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High heels of high comfort

Migraine of doom, oh how I hate you. But at least I managed to be at work at 12.30 after an all nighter spent on the bathroom floor. Even my eyes feels bruised. Ow.

Therefore going with utter comfort today. Terra Plana shoes which are not only environment friendly, they also use eco memory foam for excellent comfort. Plus their high heels are flexible :D Read more at

Terra Plana Grace
Terra Plana Grace

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Ballerinas and regular canvas shoes

Apparently I'm in the mood where you can never have too much canvas, here are a few more mixed with a couple of ballerinas.

Kawasaki: Players Pang
Kawasaki: Players Pang

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Ballet flats, 13 of them as there was no post yesterday

Hah! Sneaking in a posting from the info desk cause it's so quiet, but don't tell anyone.
Tiamo jeans

The images I uploaded from the shoe website is apparently cut with a little extra whitespace - so sorry for the longstretched post.
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Café Noir part 1; Flat sandals

I woke up with a cold - whatetheverflyingfuck - again. I mean ... hello, again?! So I'm drinking tea and taking extra vitamins and trying not to crawl back home into bed than stay at work. (sore throat and icky head but no cough yet)

So, to make this day better I found a new shoebrand. Well, for me it's totally new. Café Noir, Italian shoes and beware their website plays a shitload of music when loading (my poor ears)

Cafe Noir: CE130
Cafe Noir: CE130

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