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my latest purchase

i got a pair of new balance 475v2 walking shoes, in black.
(i can't get a picture to load, but there are a few pictures & a description at sears.com)

the rather long story/saga is over here at my journal.

so, has anyone else gotten anything new lately they'd like to talk about?

ETA: they squeak. apparently this is an issue with ones with certain ones. the fixes recommend haven't worked for me. i like them, but because of the squeak i will never get new balance shoes again.

multi-colored sandals

gladiator multi-colored strappy cut-out flat sandals

EDIT: switched to chrome, so it works now
jest: (shoes black)
[personal profile] jest2011-05-14 08:17 pm

Jimmy Choo: Pixie

(Reminder: Today is the last day of the Black Challenge!)

These might not put war in your wardrobe, but they could also be inspired by lowered blinds? Maybe?

elmey: Schrodinger Cat graphic (Schrodinger)
[personal profile] elmey2011-05-12 08:33 pm

Black Concept Shoes

The Samurai Platform Sandal by Alexander McQueen.

Because I can't resist, I'm going to quote from the catalog copy:

Instead of choosing a shoe to suit your dress, why not let your shoes inspire you and build your outfits around them? Meet the Samurai sandal by Alexander McQueen—we think it puts the war in wardrobe.

Intricate cutout leather—supported with thin horizontal bands—evoke a private world hidden behind blinds.

Click here to get a close up view of the gold landscape on sole and heel.

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[personal profile] elmey2011-05-11 06:47 pm

Cool Black Boots

Back-Laced boots from Ann Demeulemeester (ha ha, spell check doesn't like that name!)

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[personal profile] elmey2011-05-10 08:36 pm

Black Fishnet

Bally, Alawa wedge


seychelles women's arden ankle-strap espadrille
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[personal profile] elmey2011-05-09 08:12 pm

Soft Black

Chloe: Terry. Fold over ankle boot.

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[personal profile] elmey2011-05-08 10:04 pm

Not so Basic Black

Christian Louboutin Canon 140.

I've seen a lot of back zipper heels lately, and I always wonder how comfortable they really are.

a$$ kicking boots

dr. martens women's phina boot
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[personal profile] elmey2011-05-07 05:20 pm

Basic Black

The Oxford of my dreams, but not my budget ($695.00)

Rochas Platform Oxford

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[personal profile] jest2011-04-09 06:05 pm

Don't have any info on these...

April 15th, ETA: Correctly identified as Valentinos by [personal profile] elmey and [personal profile] vlredreign.

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[personal profile] dhampir9842011-03-16 03:24 pm
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Just to make up for the non-picture post

Here's just a few I liked today while browsing around.

Fioni Keller Strappy Sandal

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[personal profile] dhampir9842011-03-11 04:09 pm
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Some different shoes for today

Cruising MTVStyle of all things today. Tons of pics. Here's a few:

Rachel Bilson in Burberry Prorsum. They look hot and ready to stomp all over someone, all while in style.

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[personal profile] elizaria2011-03-02 11:54 am
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Airstep heels

So, how's your week going? Finding any new shoes to share amongst all the spring collections?

Gorgeus Airstep shoes. I want.
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-02-22 12:52 pm
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Blink wedges

I want these

Don't forget to vote on the blue challenge poll!
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-02-10 04:14 pm
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Some cute flats for today

So, it's now 17 voters and a draw on the green challenge. I'll post the results later as I'm getting off work early today (4.30pm and I've been here since just past 7am) \0/

But I just saw these on a sale e-mail and had to post them

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[personal profile] elizaria2011-02-09 12:02 pm
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How's everyone's Wednesday?

15 votes for now in the green challenge and very close between winner and second place, we'll see tomorrow as I'll post a sum up.

For now though,

Jil Sander, Two-tone leather brogues