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Jest ([personal profile] jest) wrote in [community profile] shoes2012-05-25 08:46 am

War Time Wimsy from the Bata Shoe Museum

"These shoes and their matching handbag were purchased at Owens and Elmes in Toronto in 1944 and complimented the appearance of a fortunate woman from Hamilton, Ontario. The shoes would most truthfully be described as peep-toe, platform sling-backs, but they are part of the larger genre known as “platforms”..."

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[personal profile] delphia2000 2012-05-25 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Adorable. I had a pair of red peep-toe platforms from the 40's that I eventually sold on ebay as I'd out-grown them and they were starting to show their age. (Yes, I wore them occasionally!) These are in such beautiful condition and the matching purse is gorgeous!

Touring the Bata is a fond memory of mine from my last trip to Canada.
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[personal profile] elmey 2012-05-26 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow they're in great shape! and they certainly look modern enough to be worn now. I love poking around in little specialty museums--if I get a chance to go to Toronto again, this is on my itinerary.