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Hi guys, I had the cold from hell so I've been home sick since Wednesday and just about dragged myself to work today. If I could draw deep saighs without coughing my eyes out, I so would. Anyways, here are some shoes for today.

Fornarina: Amethyst
Fornarina: Amethyst

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PS: Thanks guys, for updating during the weekend ♥
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So, apparently when you reach 32 your face suddenly shows the only 2 hours of sleep you managed to actually SLEEP. Yeah, more coffee and makeup today.

So how are you this Monday? Mine is slow like syrup, snowing sideways (again!) and I have a 2 days worktrip tomorrow to prepare for plus huge meeting when I get back. Which is why I'm currently listening to my metal playlist and have Slipknot on.

Lola Ramona: Lizzie
Lola Ramona: Lizzie (I'm never gonna stop loving their shoes \0/)

Tamaris: 1/1-24507-24-510
Tamaris: 1/1-24507-24-510
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We start off this day with 4 pairs of different shoes because it's the first day of this community.

Fly London: Laine - because they make quirky funny shoes and also - most comfortable ones. These feel somewhat steampunk to me

Lola Ramona: Sierra. I WANT THESE! Except here in Sweden they cost 2200SEK (which is ca $312 according to http://xe.com ) which mean too expensive :( But look at that boot, and the added little detail of kissylips by the heel.

Irregular Choice: Spit Spot. For some reason that look like it's two boots in one, one over the other works for me. So does the buttons, leather work and the fun addition of the pattern and colour underneath the sole.

And we finish today with Guess: Demand2! Lacquered leather, white rubber sole and that quirky look of a sock/legwarmers outside the boot. I wants! Except these are also in the 2500SEK class :(

[All these are from http://www.brandos.se ]

I plan to try and post one shoe!pic everyday but as I have a very busy work, with an addition of renovating my house by hand I might not have all the free time I wish I had. So, who wants to post a shoe pic once a week? Anyone? Cause if we had people sign up to do this we'd get to see so many different shoestyles. As you can tell by my choice, it's late fall/winter here in Sweden and my pickings go with the cold toes theme. If anyone wants to post shiny strappy heel-things, please do. Go for it! We'll just have to not spam the community and try to stick with daily postings. Also, if anyone wants to send me links and pictures of shoes rather than post themselves - it's shoes.dreamwidth at gmail

Hope to see people around!

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