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Since I was a loser and out of town on Saturday and just now caught up, I'll post this now.

Adidas Star Wars Sneakers

the other variety )
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So I totally made out like a bandit at the local shoesale today \0/ !!

1 pair of previously posted Bronx: Pilot chocolate brown
1 pair of Roots laquer shoes that reminds a lot of these Bronx shoes except with round toe and not so high heel. I'm at work and can't transfer pics, I'll spam you with it in tomorrow's post.
and 1 pair of Bronx like these:
Bronx: 73423
Bronx: 73423

more really cute Ecko Red sneaker beneath )
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(Hit and run post because work hates me)

Ecko: Red by Marc Ecko 26438
Ecko: Red by Marc Ecko 26438

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Hi, I'm the Saturday shoe bringer.

So let's bring it on.

The Hadley; Hellz Bellz x Vans Collaboration

and the flats )
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Poll #2075 Shoe pictures for 2010
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 12

So guys, is there any particular shoestyle you want to see more of?

View Answers

Yes, more boots
5 (41.7%)

Yes, more heels
8 (66.7%)

Yes, more sandals and/or (ballet) flats
5 (41.7%)

Yes, more trainers/sneakers
4 (33.3%)

Yes, more outdoors-y stuff
2 (16.7%)

Yes, more ... will reply in comments
0 (0.0%)

Nope, don't care as long as it's new stuff
1 (8.3%)

Anyone want to take on a day of posting per week?

View Answers

yes (I'll say more in comments)
1 (14.3%)

6 (85.7%)

Cat: Sly
Cat: Sly
A pair of Kangaroos and Cheapo's beneath cut )
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Reebok: Cirque Du Soleil Boot
Reebok: Cirque Du Soleil Boot in black

they're also in white )
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I've been lurking in the community for a while, and today I thought I'd post a few pictures of shoes in the wild. Another idea I had is to photograph shoes where I work: I'm a floor nurse in a hospital, and it's a study in what shoes everyone thinks are most comfortable.

Um, wow
These shoes sort of stabbed me in the eye. Found them at a shoe store called Journeys in our local mall, but I don't have a brand for you. Someone more knowledgeable than me might know what that logo is.

More shoes this way! )

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