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I'm gonna keep my whining to my own DW today so let's skip directly to the shoes - here's a mix of sandals, a couple of wedges and low heels. (The Think: Dumia ones look sooo comfy)

Tamaris: 1/1-28184-24-805
Tamaris: 1/1-28184-24-805

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Found so many gorgeous shoes lately when going through what's new for spring/summer that it's hard to pick a couple or three to post about. Ergo by color theme today. (I like the Tamaris ones the best out of these) So, funnily enough that tiredness and headache I had yesterday was apparently a preview of a migraine. Boom. Crappy aftermath day today = late posting. And I have friends coming in from Hungary today and we have a snowstorm, here's to hoping their trainride up to my town won't get stuck on the way here. So, with them being here it's very probable I won't be posting anything until Wednesday when they go home. Have fun while I'm away guys :)

Think: Shiva 84523-86
Think: Shiva

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