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my latest purchase

i got a pair of new balance 475v2 walking shoes, in black.
(i can't get a picture to load, but there are a few pictures & a description at sears.com)

the rather long story/saga is over here at my journal.

so, has anyone else gotten anything new lately they'd like to talk about?

ETA: they squeak. apparently this is an issue with ones with certain ones. the fixes recommend haven't worked for me. i like them, but because of the squeak i will never get new balance shoes again.
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with "power laces"

marty's 2015 shoes from back to the future pt. 2
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[personal profile] greenet2011-04-28 02:11 pm

Adidas gives you wings

Adidas: Jeremy Scott JS Wings ballerina shoes.

(for the pink challenge. um. obviously. :) )
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-02-22 12:52 pm
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Blink wedges

I want these

Don't forget to vote on the blue challenge poll!

blue sneakers

ed hardy men's lr benoit sneaker
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-02-13 11:37 am

Get ready for blue challenge!

Hope everyone's having a fab Sunday and are getting ready to post some blue shows on Monday :DD

Skechers, Peace & Love

Aaaand, I gotta share this, for anyone who's heard Gaga's new Born this way?
I <3 Cheeks. And Madonna obvs.
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-02-07 12:31 pm
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Random pink shoe

Demonia Unisex Deviant Canvas Calf Sneaker - Hot Pink

olive-ish green

ed hardy men's laver fashion sneaker
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-01-21 03:25 pm

Cause even sneakers are purple

Been at work since 7am, had a class of 16 year old boys, did paperwork and then a busy 3 hrs deskshift. It's just after 3pm and can. not. brain. any. more. But hey, at least it's FRIDAY \0/

Puma: 4M Mix

Hope anyone will post this weekend? <3
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[personal profile] elizaria2011-01-13 03:37 pm
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canvas shoes

Palladium: Baggy Lady
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[personal profile] elizaria2010-05-31 10:00 pm

Mixed bag of canvas

Hello Monday everyone :) I ordered shoes over the internet yesterday, awaiting their arrival and hope they fit me (one pair was the G-Star ones below cut).

Roxy: Simfield
Roxy: Simfield

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[personal profile] elizaria2010-04-26 12:08 pm

Let's try this again, Monday sneakers/ballerinas

So work just ate my week up last week, and the cold teh one before that, so here's to getting into the groove of daily posting again. Comfy shoes for today. Also since it's the first day of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw we have a new tag added for the upcoming 3 weeks. (someone prepared to post during the weekend? I'll have BFF over and plan to make her paint with me so I can have the sunroom finished in time for summer = busytimes)

Skechers: 21840
Skechers: 21840

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[personal profile] elizaria2010-03-17 11:39 am

Wednesday is sneakerday

So I don't usually post sneakers so I figured I'd spam you guys with it, today and tomorrow :) (Happy to see yesterday's shoes were a hit, I love them too.) Today's pick are colorful and feel a bit like springtime (even though we still have -10C in the mornings)

Diesel: Yuk&amp;Net Yuk W
Diesel: Yuk&Net Yuk W

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[personal profile] elizaria2010-02-15 11:57 am

Mixed bag of fun

Hi guys, I'm back from my vacation (and from a week of work which apparently decided that one week off = shitload of work to come back to)! I can see you've kept the community busy which is so much awesome - THANK YOU! :D

So, of course one has to go look for shoes when you're off on vacation. And me and my BFF found this awesome sale at Office. So I now own a very pretty pair of kneehigh boots that was put down from £150 to £60, and they're buttersoft leather and comfortable even. If I could wear opentoe heels without killing my toes there would have been so much more to buy (they even had Iron Fist heels there!!!).

1. My purchase (close to anyway, the shop pictures always comes out better than the ones I take - wonder why..) 2. My BFF's purchase (she on the other hand does fine with open toes)

But Office has so much more lovely shoes so here's a random selection of 4 pairs:

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