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Yellow challenge closing soon...

I really will close the door on yellow and start making up the poll when I get home from work this evening...but in the meantime:

3 pairs of Seychelles

The Winner Is (not a suggestion for which way you should vote, that's what this pair is called.)

Tear Drop T-Strap )

Honeymoon Leather Wedge )
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Friday Five from Anthropologie

Someone at Anthro clearly loves yellow as much as I do...

The Waving Grains Pump by Schuler & Sons:

The Winding Waterfall Sandal )

Yellow Glad Rags T-Straps )

Corn Lane Slingbacks )

Curried Heels )


seychelles women's arden ankle-strap espadrille
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Sunday Shoes

Seychelles Kiss at Midnight in Saddle Tan

Also available in Teal )