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ripley, 5 inch peep toe steampunk pump in pewter
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This is just pretty; it almost makes me want to wear a dress :)

Kenzo open toe slip on

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Because I want to make the voting really hard.

Gianni Barbato open toed pump

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joseph griffin women's bbq street open-toe pump
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menbur women's clapp open-toe pump
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I've been lurking in the community for a while, and today I thought I'd post a few pictures of shoes in the wild. Another idea I had is to photograph shoes where I work: I'm a floor nurse in a hospital, and it's a study in what shoes everyone thinks are most comfortable.

Um, wow
These shoes sort of stabbed me in the eye. Found them at a shoe store called Journeys in our local mall, but I don't have a brand for you. Someone more knowledgeable than me might know what that logo is.

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