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Or whatever you call them... But they do kinda look like an 80's scrunchy hairband made into a shoe. What's even better is this brand name Redfoot who makes their shoes so that they can fold up and put in your bag incase you get tired of your high heels at a party. A snazzy bag apparently accompanies each pair when purchased...

Redfoot: Zara
Redfoot: Zara

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It's been snowing a lot all night and today and there was a lot of shoveling snow and I'm beat. Short snowfitting entry today.

Dada: Aspen Babe White
Dada: Aspen Babe White

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El Naturalista: NW106 . Groundhog: Molly
El Naturalista: NW106 - and - Groundhog: Molly
Both of these are apparently Eco-Friendly and re-use materials and less chemical dyes and whatnot. I just found they looked different and kinda cool. I definitely like the soles on the shoes.

Also, since I worked on the house this weekend and forgot about internets - beneath the cut are 3 lovely pairs of rubberboots. Perfect for now since, at least here, it's foggy (like peasoup) and wet leaves and raining.
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[from http://brandos.se]

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